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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As you all know my Peanut got very injured and she passed November 24, 08. after she died Pepper got very lonely and her back legs stoped working within a week and she passed December 13, 08. it was heart breaking. I got those mice just to show my mom that i was responsible enough to have my own pet and they turned out to be a big part of my life. I have been without them for a little over 1 month and miss them terribly

Anyway my mom decided that I am responsible enough to get a guinea pig. Hopefully I will get him/her next week! I decided that if i get a boy I'll name him Squeaks and if it's a girl Tootsie. My mom had a guinea pig when she was a kid and it lived for 9 years!


Kenna Koona said...

OMG! my mouse died like 3 days ago! its okay though. anyway good luck with your guinea pig.

See you tomorrow at the airport,


Casey Hansen said...

Michelle that is sad and i didnt know. Im sare and hope you fill much better soon. How is my dad i have to go by.
Love, Casey